Hypergraph (Beta) – Desktop App

When I first started at Liberate Science, Hypergraph was a plucky little CLI in need of a GUI. We were trying to create a proof-of-concept unlike anything else in the research space. We were in a race against time to get Hypergraph in the hands of researchers, so we could start gathering hard data about our blindspots.

We had several touchstones, when it came to the initial design of the app:

  • Make it visually striking.
  • Embrace a radical approach to accessibility with intense contrasts and large type.
  • Create a few simple design rules that can radiate throughout the design.
Profile page
Content editing form
Feed view example
An example of guidelines used for developer handoff
Expanding the design task frame by frame for developer reference
Experimentation with developing procedurally generated gradient avatars based on sign-up name initials
A matrix of available top-left to bottom-right gradients based on our established color palette