Liberate Science – Logo Refresh

When I was brought on board at Liberate Science, there was already a fair amount of design debt that had to be addressed. Especially, the old planetary logo needed a lot of love.

The Problem

With its muted colors and serious vector construction problems, the old logo left a lot to be desired. It didn’t play nicely with dark backgrounds due to the gray drop shadow, and its toy-like quality was clashing with “serious” typography.

The Solution

In the short time available, I opted for a refresh which focused upon simplification, modernization, and extensibility. With all the old colors stripped away, I corrected the vector geometry, so that the logo was efficient and performant in any scenario. I framed it with a hexagon for brand cohesion with our two subsidiary products, Hypergraph and p2pcommons, and also created a new color palette that would work well on both light and dark backgrounds.

Colorway tests

Reference Sheets

To ensure consistency of the brand, an important asset I created was a series of simple “cheatsheets”, so that the non-designers of the company could quickly reference colors and typography.

Branding reference sheet
Color reference sheet
Typography reference sheet