– Webpage Concepts

Prior to the decision to evolve Hypergraph into ResearchEquals, we investigated some theming for our websites that would tie each of the properties together visually. The following are some of those design explorations.

Each of the designs needed to incorporate colors and conceptual themes relating to each respective project. For example, in the first row of images, we have waveforms representing Liberate Science as it is the entity that speaks for the others. For Hypergraph we have amorphous shapes that overlap to represent literal hypergraphs. Lastly, we have a series of interconnected nodes forming a network graph to represent p2pcommons, a distributed information layer for scientific research. 

Liberate Science - Waveforms
Hypergraph - Organic shapes
p2pcommons - Network graph
Liberate Science - Structure/Foundation
Hypergraph - Vector/Direction
p2pcommons - Nodes/Modules
Liberate Science - Foundation variant
Hypergraph - Vector variant
p2pcommons - Node variant
Liberate Science - Petri dish